End-user license Agreement

This End-user license Agreement (hereinafter an “Agreement”) contains the conditions of using of “GetDiet” service (hereinafter an “Service”).

A User must to review the Terms of this Service using before using of the Service. A registration is mean, that the user is agree in full and accept all Terms of the Agreement.

1. Parts of the Agreement

1.1 A participants of the Agreement (users of the services of a server and partners, hereinafter Users) can be individuals- citizens of Russian Federation, foreign citizens and persons without any citizenship, elder than 18.

1.2 A user confirms that at time of services using he has reached of 18 and is responsible for all results of using of service.

2. Provision and payment of services

2.1 All services are access at 100% prepayment terms only.

2.2 For the provision of the service to the user it is withdrawn an amount in accordance with the fixed cost of the service from the balance his bank card.

2.3 A cost of the service is $10 or a equivalent in a local currency by in official exchange rate for a one week of subscription and $59.99 for a one year subscription.

2.4 A user has been informed and agreed to automatically debiting of money from user card to pay of the service.

2.5 by Paying services by a bank card, a user confirms a consent to pay of services regardless of provision results, received for services and has been informed that a in any cases refund is impossible.

3. Guarantee and responsibilities

3.1 A User is agree that an access of service can be carrying out with delays, caused by technical failures, overloads and failures in Internet nets, nets of general using and on mobile nets.

3.2 A User is agreed that a Service is not responsible for the authenticity of the information, received by the User in result of service using.

3.3 A User is agreed that the Service isn’t responsible for any scathe, loss, damage directly or indirectly related with using of services.

3.4 A Service isn’t responsible for the non-submission of content in the next cases: force majeure, related with technical problems mobile operator or with technical malfunctions of the user mobile phone.

3.5 A service doesn’t post any materials which can be related with erotic or porn materials.

3.6 A service is not responsible for using of the received information by a users. All information by a Service provides exclusively for information and entertainment purpose.

3.7 A User is responsible for information using, provided by a service and for a possible risks related with using of this content.

3.8 A Service is not responsible for result of using or for usefulness of the content, provided as a provision of Service. In case of discrepancy of the Services content, provided by the Service within the current User agreement to requires of the User, he can stop use by it, wherein sent money to receive of Services isn’t back and doesn’t compensated in any form.

4. Conclusion of the Agreement

4.1 In case of agree with this agreement, after an installing of a mobile app, a user enter his personal data: name, sex, date of birth. This information isn’t a personal data in accordance a Federal Law “About a personal data” dd 27.07.2006 N 152-F3.

4.2 After filling of all data, require in a app and confirmations of the subscribe to a content of the app, a user is receive an access to a content of the app.

4.3 Conclusion of the Agreement by a User is carrying out by an entering of a iCloud or Touchld account password by a User in a special section of the app.

5. Duration and dissolution of the Agreement

5.1 A duration of the Agreement is beginning since entering of password of an I Cloud account or using of Touchld user in a special section of the application.

5.2. A user can dissolute this Agreement in any time and refuse of a service by warning a Service not later than before 1 (one) day up to finishing of paid period of subscription, to do it a user should deactivate a subscription of our application in his personal area iTunes on page of sets adjusting in “Subscriptions” section.

6. Agreement terms changing

6.1 A service can make changes in any Terms of this Agreement in any time by publishing of changed paragraph on a Server. A users of the Service must periodically reread a text of the End-user license Agreement.

6.2 In case if any changes of the Agreement will be an unacceptable for User, he must stop a using of a Service and unsubscribe of services

7. Information support

7.1 By a registration in the application of the Administrator a user is agree to accept from a Administrator any reference and informational materials, push notices, containing an information about news, discounts, stocks and others.


If there will be any questions, related with the application operation , we ask you send your questions to email: [email protected]